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St. Louis is Hopping!

23 Jan 2010

People keep remarking to me how much stuff is going on in St. Louis…and they’re right! This joint is hopping. It’s a fun place to be right now. I can’t even make it to all the things I’d like to go to anymore.

Highlighting some upcoming events:

  • Arch Reactor Open House – Jan. 30th from 4-10pm, the St. Louis hackerspace will have an open house to show off their new space. Come check it out!
  • St. Louis Innovation Camp – Feb. 26-28th the St. Louis Innovation Camp will host St. Louis innovators and entrepreneurs as they learn about how to launch their dream company!
  • Startup Weekend – Mar. 26-28th the Startup Weekend tour comes to St. Louis, also looking to launch St. Louis startups

If you’re looking for regular groups, there are two that have started up recently:

Hope you can check out some of that cool stuff coming up soon.