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Upcoming events and presentations

16 Feb 2010

Just a quick note about some upcoming stuff…

1. Feb. 17th – “Scaling Your Cache” webinar – tomorrow you can check out a webinar with me about Ehcache and Terracotta including some new features coming in Ehcache 2.0! Register here

2. Feb. 26th – 28th – St. Louis Innovation Camp – I’m really excited about this event coming up weekend after next. There are a ton of great speakers and a lot of energy from all over St. Louis coming together to make something great here. If you’re interested in innovation or entrepreneurship or even just inspiration and new ideas, this is a great thing to check out. Register here!

3. Mar. 2nd – Gateway Groovy User Group – I’m doing a talk about GPars and concurrency in Groovy at this meeting and it should be fun.

Hope to see you around! I also continue to make progress on narrowing down the details for Strange Loop 2010 so stay tuned for that. The tentative dates are Oct. 14-15th.