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Strange Loop 2010 taking shape

01 Apr 2010

One year ago (seriously, no April Fools joke) I incorporated Strange Loop LLC and started creating Strange Loop 2009. It was a blast and a great success, selling out with over 300 attendees.

I’m pleased to announce the first rumblings of the Strange Loop 2010 web site! Strange Loop 2010 will be held in St. Louis on Oct. 14-15th. This year, the conference will return to the University City “Loop” district but will revolve around The Pageant with additional meeting space at the Moonrise Hotel next door.

The existing Strange Loop web site will be overhauled and serve as a repository for content from Strange Loop 2009 and future events. The new site is still very much a work in progress. I’m using CrowdVine to back this year’s site as that will let me focus more on the content while providing additional features. CrowdVine has integration with Twitter and other social media platforms and that should make for more open interaction in advance of the conference.

The main news so far is that I have confirmed Guy Steele and Douglas Crockford as keynote speakers!

Guy Steele is well known for being instrumental in the creation or standardization of (only) C, Lisp, Scheme, Fortran, EcmaScript, Java, and Fortress. Oh, and original Emacs command set. Guy currently works for Sun Oracle on the Fortress language.

Douglas Crockford is well known for his work on JavaScript and JSON and his book “JavaScript: The Good Parts”. Douglas works for Yahoo.

I have also confirmed several other invited speakers as listed on the speakers page. I’m thrilled with how the conference is shaping up this early in the season and I’ll have many more great speakers to add in the future.

During April, I will be putting the registration system in place and opening a formal call for presentations. Please check back soon. If you are interested in sponsoring, speaking, or any other crazy idea, please contact me at strange.loop.stl@gmail.com.