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Strange Loop 2010

28 May 2010

Time for an update on Strange Loop 2010!


Strange Loop 2010 will be held Oct. 14-15th this year. The conference will return to the University City Loop area in St. Louis but at some new venues. The keynotes and large sessions will be held at the premiere rock venue The Pageant. If you’ve never been to the Pageant, it is most often used as a rock venue and is one of my favorite places to see shows. In addition, the Moonrise Hotel next door will be used for its meeting rooms and as the official hotel for Strange Loop.

These venues will be used for technical sessions on Oct. 14th and 15th. In addition, on the night of Oct. 14th there will be a party for all Strange Loop attendees with the return of the heralded Strange Passions track (see videos from 2009). Strange Passions is a unique track where attendees submit short non-technical talks, voted on by attendees, and given at the Pageant.

Strange Loop 2010 has it’s own new web site, hosted by Crowdvine. Crowdvine has a great platform to help with managing speakers, sponsors, talks, etc which is nice for me. Even better, it has a social network built into the platform for YOU! You can see other attendees and their interests, integrate your twitter feed and blog, indicate you want to meet someone at the conference, and start discussions. I’m hoping this will be a useful tool to get the most out of your conference experience and make new contacts. An account on the site is created automatically upon registration.


Strange Loop will have four amazing keynote speakers:

  • Guy Steele (Oracle) – a legend in the field of language design, Guy helped to create or standardize Fortran, C, Lisp, Scheme, Java, Ecmascript, and his current research language Fortress.
  • Douglas Crockford (Yahoo!) – well-known as the Javascript architect at Yahoo!, the author of “Javascript: The Good Parts”, and the creator of the JSON format.
  • Hilary Mason (bit.ly) – currently the lead scientist at bit.ly, Hilary is a former computer science professor and expert in machine learning and data mining.
  • Billy Newport (IBM) – a distinguished engineer at IBM working on distributed systems like Websphere clustering and data grid frameworks.

In addition to the keynotes, you can check out a list of other already confirmed technical speakers. The Call for Presentations is open now so please submit a talk of your own!

The CFP closes on July 9th and the full conference schedule will be posted by the end of July.


Many great companies have already signed on for Strange Loop 2010. Revelytix and Contegix will be the Keynote sponsors for the conference. MarkLogic is a sponsor for the party. GitHub and Microsoft have signed on as session sponsors. Finally, St. Louis companies Oasis Digital, Objistics, and Harpoon Technologies are supporting sponsors.

If you’re interested in getting your company in front of 500 crazy smart developers looking for the hot new thing, please check out the sponsorship prospectus and contact me about open sponsorship opportunities.


Registration is open now! If you are attending the full conference, prices are as follows:

  • Early bird (through Aug 6) – $150
  • Regular (Aug 7 – Oct 1) – $175
  • Late/on-site (Oct 2 – Oct 15) – $200
  • Group discount (5 or more from company): 10%

There are also options to attend only the party (advance $30, on-site $40) if you’d like to just see the Strange Passions track and mingle with the crowd.

See you there!