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Strange Loop 2010!

27 Jul 2010

I have released the full schedule for Strange Loop 2010 and it is (in my humble opinion) a truly mind-blowing set of talks and speakers.

Check out these keynotes:

  • Guy Steele (Oracle) – “How to Think about Parallel Programming: Not!”
  • Douglas Crockford (Yahoo) – “Heresy and Heretical Open Source: A Heretic’s Perspective”
  • Billy Newport (IBM) – “Enterprise NoSQL: Silver Bullet or Poison Pill?”
  • Hilary Mason (bit.ly) – “Machine Learning: A Love Story”

Like language stuff? There are seven talks about Clojure! Four talks about Scala! Five talks about Groovy! A Java Puzzlers talk starring Josh Bloch (author of “Effective Java”) and Crazy Bob Lee! Other talks about Ruby, Perl 6, Lua, and Go!

Rethinking that old relational database? Check out some NOSQL talks about MongoDB, Cassandra, Hadoop, Riak, HyperGraphDB, Mark Logic.

Working on the web? Check out talks on JavaScript, jQuery, HTML 5, semantic web, RDFa, microformats, and node.js. Or talks about cloud infrastructure – dev ops with Chef or Puppet, deployment with jclouds, and using EC2 for testing.

Maybe making mobile apps? Check out talks on Android, mobile HTML 5, background processing, or a case study in how Square built its Android application.

Interested in how to scale your app? Check out talks from developers at Twitter, eBay, Flickr, Flightcaster, and BackType. Or learn how to build distributed apps with Terracotta, Akka, Conduit, or Google App Engine.

There is also a party featuring the enigmatic Strange Passions track. The Strange Passions track features talks given by attendees on non-technical topics. The 2009 sessions included talks on astronomy, neurons, options trading, building houses in Mexico, and more. The winner receives a genuine Klein Bottle!

You can register for Strange Loop right now! The early bird price is just $150 (what?! that’s crazy low) until August 6th, so don’t miss out.