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Chicago presentations

31 Mar 2011

I’ll be in Chicago next week for Enterprise Data World and I have several talks scheduled if you’re interested in hearing about either Clojure or the Semantic Web. All of these talks are on Wednesday April 6th – three chances!

If you happen to be attending Enterprise Data World, I’ll be doing a talk at 8:30 am called “Releasing Relational Data to the Semantic Web”. Despite this being the same title and abstract as a talk I did at Sem Tech last year, there is very little overlap in content. This is mostly because in the last 8 months we’ve built much of what we were talking about then, so we know a lot more.

At 4:00 pm, I’ll be doing essentially the same talk about semantic web data integration at the Morningstar Tech Talk meetup – free to attend.

At 6:00 pm, I’m doing a talk called “Clojure: The Art of Abstraction” at the Chicago Clojure Meetup. This is really intended as an intro-level Clojure talk, as it gives a view of what I see as the core abstractions in Clojure and why they make Clojure powerful. If you’re already a Clojure user, I suspect you won’t learn much but maybe it will help you make an argument for Clojure to others.

I’m happy to talk during or after that talk about our experiences at Revelytix, where we’ve had a team of people doing Clojure for over a year.

If there is interest, I can also give a quick preview of Strange Loop 2011 as well.