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Strange Loop Call for Presentations ends June 10th

31 May 2011

The The Call for Presentations ends June 10th, just 10 days from now! The conference is Sept 18-20th in St. Louis, Missouri.

Please note that Strange Loop pays travel (US domestic, or partial for international) and hotel costs for speakers and most meals are provided. If you’re interested in being part of a great group of speakers, please submit a talk!

Sometimes people ask how we can afford to pay speakers and keep conference prices reasonable ($250 early bird). For one thing, we keep costs low and do a lot of the work ourselves. But really, we make it work by structuring our budget around the premise that speakers are the reason people come to the conference and they deserve to at least have their major expenses covered. The question people should really be asking is, why do other conferences NOT pay speakers for their expenses?

We are looking for talks about:

  • Languages – especially ones like Scala, Clojure, Groovy, Erlang, Haskell, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, and Go. Java’s ok too if you’re doing something interesting… :)
  • Nosql / data stores / big data – especially ones like MongoDB, CouchDB, Riak, Redis, Cassandra, Hadoop, Hive, Cascading, and so on…
  • Concurrency and distributed systems – actors, STM, fork/join, eventual consistency, caching, CAP, data flow
  • Web – Javascript, jQuery, HTML 5, SASS, security, semantic web, node.js
  • Mobile – iPhone, Android, mobile frameworks, design (tech focus)
  • Virtual Machines – JVM, CLR/DLR, BEAM, v8, etc

Check out the new Strange Loop podcast for a weekly blast of info…