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Questions from my daughter

06 Sep 2011

My daughter (who is 8) had to write a list of questions today at school to write about in her journal. The list is awesome. I present it to you here without changes but with a few editorial remarks for understanding.

  1. How does a parachute help you land softly?
  2. Why do [string] basses have to be so big?
  3. Why are magazines so expensive?
  4. Why is 1 [Nintendo] DS so expensive?
  5. Are there more boys than girls, or more girls than boys?
  6. Why do clocks only go up to 12 and not 20?
  7. Why is everyone different?
  8. Why does deodorant make you smell better?
  9. Why is deoderant spelled deoderant and not deoderent?
  10. Why do some people write with their right, and some write with their left?
  11. Why are people different?
  12. Why are animals different?
  13. Why is college so expensive, and elementary school isn’t?
  14. Can someone really become a superhero or villain?
  15. Can scientists really make time machines and cool stuff like that?
  16. Are mad scientists real?
  17. Is god real?
  18. Why is the chicken dance called the chicken dance?
  19. Why does ice cream have to be so cold?