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Steve Jobs… RIP

05 Oct 2011

Very saddened by the news today. My first experience with a computer was writing Logo on an Apple IIe. I was probably 7 or so and I was hooked. I eventually moved on to an IBM PC and spent many years in the land of DOS and Windows before finally returning to the Apple fold in the Jobs renaissance.

I really believe Jobs had a profound impact on how people view and work with computers, phones, etc. He was able to see beyond the “now” and into the “should be”. The current trend with OS X is really shocking to me – they are actively trying to get rid of all the things that act as a drag on the user experience (like having a file system, saving, installing applications), things that are so ingrained people in the PC world don’t even think to question them. Obviously there are thousands of people working hard to make that happen but Steve created the culture and the expectations for that kind of result. You only get that by starting from the person that’s using it at the end and working backwards.

Anyhow, I hope that Apple can continue that culture for as long as it can. Steve was a unique visionary and we don’t see his kind often.