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Spring 2012 Software Conferences

18 Oct 2011

I’m looking at the Spring 2012 conference season and have compiled the following list of big or regional software / software biz conferences. What am I missing? I know that JSConf is undecided yet but is probably late April.

Date Conference Location
Jan 11-13 CodeMash Sandusky, OH
Jan 24-25 Node Summit San Francisco, CA
Feb 9-10 Android: Voices that Matter San Francisco, CA
Feb 13-15 jFokus Stockholm, Sweden
Feb 23-24 LessConf Atlanta, GA
Feb 28-Mar 1 Strata Santa Clara, CA
Feb 29-Mar 2 Confoo Montreal, Canada
Mar 5-9 Game Developers San Francisco, CA
Mar 5-9 QCon London London, UK
Mar 7-8 LAUNCH San Francisco, CA
Mar 7-Mar 15 Pycon Santa Clara, CA
Mar 9-Mar 13 SXSW Interactive Austin, TX
Mar 16-Mar 17 Clojure/West San Jose, CA
Mar 15-Mar 17 Code PaLOUsa Louisville, KY
Mar 21-22 Structure Big Data New York, NY
Mar 26-29 EclipseCon Reston, VA
Mar 26-30 Java Posse Roundup Crested Butte, CO
Apr 10-11 Philly ETE Philadephia, PA
Apr 24-25 Google I/O San Francisco, CA
Apr 24-28 ACCU Oxford, UK
May 10-12 Big Omaha Omaha, NE