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Clojure/West – a new conference

02 Nov 2011

It is with great pleasure that I am announcing a new west coast Clojure conference: Clojure/West (@ClojureWest). The announcement is here.

The first Clojure/West will occur March 16-17th in downtown San Jose, CA. Future years may occur in San Francisco or other west coast cities with robust Clojure communities (Seattle, Portland, San Diego, and LA come to mind). This year I put a premium on finding the best combination of an affordable hotel rate ($119/night) and a convenient venue for airport, eating, etc which ultimately lead me to San Jose.

I’m really excited to put together my experience in running Strange Loop (which has always had an unabashed Clojure focus :) and my own experience as a full-time Clojure developer at Revelytix to creating a new forum for Clojure developers. The Conj is great and I have been in frequent contact with the Clojure/core team to make Clojure/West an event that complements the Conj rather than competes with it. I think the community is large enough that we can have two great events (hopefully more!) each year.

Please join the Clojure/West mailing list for future announcements (Call for Presentations, registration, sponsorship, etc).